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I grew up in London, then studied at Leeds University, where I earned a BA in Japanese before realising that a career in Japan wasn't for me.  So, I trained as a massage therapist, and spent years easing pain and helping stressed out clients to really relax.  While I enjoyed the work, especially my time volunteering on Bear Ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital, the pandemic provided time for reflection and a new direction.  

Ever in love with the power of the voice, I turned my sights toward voice acting.  I cut my teeth narrating audio books, before beginning coaching with RichCraft, where I learned how to make the best use of my instrument, interpreting text into translating that into emotion and meaning.  Thanks to the knowledge and guidance of my amazing coaches, I have become fluent in a wide variety of styles, with a goal to become a truly versatile voice actor.  

With an abiding love of storytelling and character work, I will bring your words to life with enthusiasm and dedication.  From hours upon hours running games of Dungeons & Dragons for my friends, I continue to learn and develop characters, to the delight and occasional dismay of my players. 

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